The Beginning of the End – Funky Nassau Parts 1 + 2 [A4595]


Infectious from the onset, it’s impossible to resist this funk classic performed by the Bahamian Munnings brothers (Frank, Ray and Roy) and Fred Henfield. The opening horns, bass and Ray Munnings’ vocals make an immediate impression and the funky Caribbean rhythm encourages all but sitting still for this one.

After quitting their jobs to focus on music, the Beginning of the End was formed in Nassau, the Bahamas in 1969. Heavily influenced by American pop culture of the time and using a $2,000 loan from uncle Percy Munnings, the band developed a fusion of jazz, Latin and funk for their debut “Funky Nassau”. The hit record sold 5,000 copies in less than two weeks and eventually made its way onto Henry Stone’s Alston Records with the help of Miami DJ Fred Hanna. “Funky Nassau Part 1” reached #15 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #7 on the Billboard Black Singles chart. Despite the success of their debut, the Beginning of the End only recorded two albums and have long since faded from memory.

However, “Funky Nassau” parts 1 + 2 cannot be forgotten as it’s guitar rhythms and  weighty drum and bass combination are funky enough to turn any walk into a bop.


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