Mosca – White Mice [NSM004]


Since I first heard this record on Ben UFO’s Dekmantel x IR Boiler Room my ears have pricked up every time it’s been played. ‘White Mice’ executes minimal dubbed out techno perfectly. Wailing chords cry out above metallic clangs whilst pulsating drums drive the esoteric melody. Mosca’s recent efforts to demonstrate his adeptness for creating darker, deeper and loopier beats have succeeded in NSM004. Previous garage and funky flavours we’ve known Mosca to cook up are a distant memory when being absorbed into ‘White Mice’s eerie vibe.

Spicing up the minimal composition Mosca uses (what sounds like) a Korg Monotron Delay, reverberating personality and depth into the track (and for less than £30 may well become a Christmas present to myself). The little analog synth echoes moody pads into a giant’s footsteps from inside a cave whilst noisy sci-fi sirens scream in your face… I’m pretty sure I can hear some bird noises too? Check it out below and see what you make of it.


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