Khotin – Baikal Acid EP


Following his well curated album ‘Hello World‘, the Vancouverite returns to experimental cassette label 1080p, for their first release of 2016. From the outer fringes of electronic dance music, Khotin maintains the ethereal ambience of his debut whilst combining elements of house and techno. ‘Recycle (5am Reflections Mix)’ blends swooning melodies with a playful bassline while ‘Recycle (Drift Mix)’ washes away the percussion to leave a delicate and avant-garde lullaby. On the B side, drums and a 4×4 kick return. Firstly with the EP’s title track ‘Baikal Acid’ which utilises a cowbell amongst pensive pads and finally with ‘Human Voice’ which concludes the late night affair with dance-friendly deep house to zone out to.

Stream the previews or download title track ‘Baikal Acid’ in full on 1080p’s Soundcloud below.




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