Shuya Okino – Still In Love


It feels like a blessing to have discovered this track. Kyoto Jazz Massive’s Shuya Okino came to my attention from his self-titled EP on Mukatsuku label head’s Nick Weston presents series.

I was left with goosebumps after listening to Weston and Rudy’s Midnight Machine’s aptly named ‘Epic Strings version’. This was the start of a beautiful breadcrumb trail, leading me to Shuya Okino’s ‘Still In Love‘ EP on brother and fellow Kyoto Jazz Massive founder Yoshihiro Okino’s Especial Records.

Shuya’s jazzy genius brings Rose Royce’s classic into the 21st century for new audiences to dance to. The feel-good original is revamped with the help of vocalist Navasha Daya, funky guitar riffs and a dreamy harp. When the track breaks down into swung drums at 5:24, a slick jazz piano solo takes centre stage before being rejoined by Daya to send off the lovely cover.

The delicious breadcrumb trail does end there. In October, Berlin based sibling production duo Kyodai provided the second instalment in Local Talk‘s edits/reworks series. Included was their sought after rambunctious remix of ‘Still In Love’, providing harder-hitting drum grooves and not forgetting those floaty strings or a dynamic breakdown either.


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