Cissé Adboulaye – Aw’ Ye Douka Ke/ A Son Magni

Cissé Abdoulaye

Rocafort Records have been responsible for a series of superb reissues, recently offering two choice cuts from Burkinabe Cissé Adboulaye’s back catalogue. Adboulaye was inspired by his musical Uncle but initially hindered by his caste (he was not of a griot family and so discouraged from singing). He became a teacher to satisfy his Father until he fulfilled his 10-year commitment as a teacher “in the bush” before becoming program host at Radio Ouaga.

Aw’ Ye Douka Ke is taken from his 1978 Les Vautours LP and couples rich instrumentation with afrobeat grooves to deliver his message of lost virtues and Africa’s independence. Originally released on a 45 in 1975, A Son Magni has been re-edited by Voodoocuts and approved by Cissé Adboulaye himself. The syncopated rhythm is topped by an atmospheric guitar melody and vocals depicting a traditional husband riled by his educated wife who sees herself as his equal and refuses to be ordered around. Both cuts are sung in Dioula, a Mande language spoken in West Africa, preferred over French for the expression of local culture.é-Abdoulaye-A-son-magniLhomme-la-guitare/release/6993002


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