Fela Kuti – Roforofo Fight


One of King Kuti’s many masterclasses in rhythm, “Roforofo Fight” addresses human intolerance towards each other. Fela describes an avoidable fight kicking off in the mud (rofo). Two people start swearing at each other and instead of calming the situation and telling the people not to fight, passersby form a crowd. Without a friend telling them to not fight and walk away, their egos drive them to a muddy fight. Soon both brawlers get as dirty as each other and end up looking like twins, showing that neither are unsullied by resorting to violence.

“Roforofo don change them
Them go look like twins
You no go know who be who
Roforofo don change them
Them go look like twins
You no go know who be who
You no go know your friend from who
You don tell am before
Make him no fight o
Roforofo dey for there”

The pioneer of Afrobeat provides his usual relentless passion and energy. Throughout the 15+ minutes, Fela and The Africa 70 deliver vibrant horns, jagged jazzy solos and lively call and response sections. Waiting for the bass to kick in will be the most rewarding 1:40 of your life.




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