Sun, Sea and Selections


To put it into one word, paradise. Dimensions put on a world class performance and delivered a dusty garden of Eden. A beach that hosted the likes of a freshly shaven Jeremy Underground, an animated Dele Sosimi and his Afrobeat Orchestra and Rush Hour’s Antal and Hunee to name a few. Seaside living was a pleasure, especially with the great choice of food notably the vegan burgers. I’m not sure what a seitan burger is but I know it was cheap and delicious albeit only a little weird for the first few bites. And to top it all off, at night the 19th Century fort transformed into a playground of unique and amazing stages filled with mind-blowing sound systems being put through their paces by world class DJs and live acts.

As you can probably tell, I enjoyed my time in Croatia. I could go on but I don’t stand a chance of sounding as good as the music I heard there, so let me get on with some of the tracks that made my Dimensions.

Final Credits – Midland

Gladys Knight’s “neither one of us wants to be the first to say goodbye” is used to full effect in this deep and beautifully crafted track. The fades and heartfelt message were capable of inducing a group hug moment and was certainly an apt farewell from Ben Ufo’s rollercoaster opening night set.

Whoa! – Deadbeat

Snippety breaks and melancholic droning chords form the calm before the stormy outbreak of raw jungle grooves, giving this track an organic twist, sitting it in a field of it’s own. Whoa indeed!

Get On Up (Groovy Disco Mix) – The R.A.S.E.

This track is pure joy. Hi hats swing above a rubbery bassline while samples of Nicole’s “Rock The House” are transformed into dance mantras to shake, clap and singalong to. Possibly my favourite track of the festival.

Colouration – Glenn Underground

Besides Larry Heard’s resurrection as the Godfather of house, another shining example from Chicago came in the form of Glenn Underground’s “Colouration”. Detuned piano chords and a punchy 909 groove provide an infectious rhythm to jack your body to.

Jesus Creates Sound (Main Mix) – Marlon D

I’m not sure I will ever have an experience that parallels hearing this in The Moat. This is a journey into sound!

Everybody Dance – Blo

MCDE’s set to close the festival was up to his usual level of brilliance. Delving into a variety of styles to keep a packed crowd on their toes, this disco gem elated The Clearing and was a highlight of a zealous set from the man of the hour.

Miss You (12″/Special Disco Mix) – The Rolling Stones

Probably my favourite moment of the festival. In awe after witnessing Moodymann’s scintillating set, the crowd refused to stop applauding until we were given an encore. Amidst the applause, the masked Moodymann appeared from within the smokescreen holding a 12″ high in the air and what followed was nothing short of magical. A communal rendition of The Stones was the perfect way to finish an inimitable set from the best in the game.



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