Trinidad Troubadours with Tony Ricardo – Disco Music

During disco’s domination of the 70’s, few managed to steer clear of the infectious grooves. The West Indies was no exception and begun crafting its own evolution of dance-driven soul music. When the four to the floor beat and lush orchestration was incorporated into prominent island rhythms of soca and calypso, a new and exciting chapter in the annals of disco had begun.

With the help of Guyana’s esteemed vocalist Tony Ricardo, The Trinidad Troubadours specialised in transmitting the good-time feelings of the sunny islands. ‘Disco Music’ is testament to this virtue and radiates high-spirited exuberance. Tony Ricardo preaches his love of the disco sound amid the turbo doses of rhythm and funk generated by an excited ensemble of horns and the brilliant Bonny Bonaparte on drums.

Written by Joseph Richards, ‘Disco Music’ featured on the ‘Trini Sweetness’ LP and was originally released on DMC Records in 1977. A year later, the album made its way to the USA with the help of Rawlston Charles, a native of Tobago, who championed the Caribbean calypso sound with his Brooklyn-based Charlie’s Records. More recently, in 2014, the track appeared on the Tropical Disco Hustle compilation – courtesy of Cultures Of Soul Records.


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