Why are you here?

Experiencing exciting, novel music is something I find extremely gratifying, and hopefully you’re here because you do too. Discovering forgotten treasures and future classics feed my addiction to quality music, so I’ve created this blog so I can share those that really hit the spot!

“The best music, is the music that will pass the test of time”

– Nicolas Jaar

Dubstep ignited my passion for electronic music and blew me away the first time I heard it through a system with a powerful subwoofer. I began to realise that music was not only about sound, but about the feeling – how the music moves you. Each record creates it’s own affect, through capturing the emotions and environment that consumed it’s creators. When I listen to some Bobby Thurston I feel transported to an 80’s disco, there to boogie and check out the groove. Or swap the live instruments and soulful vocal for some bludgeoning bleeps and a Roland synthesiser and all of a sudden I’m experiencing Detroit’s technological Underground Resistance. These days I find myself engrossed by house, disco, funk, soul and techno… so expect posts along these styles and more!